This Poison Is Killer Of Your Bones And You Drink It Everyday!!!

Many people do not know the side effects that carbonated drinks have on our health. Here are some of the effects according to scientific researches.

First ten minutes
One glass of a carbonated drink contains 10 tablespoons of sugar which is 100% of the allowed daily dose. There is phosphoric acid in your body, which is responsible for the taste.

After 20 minutes
There is an increase in glucose and insulin levels which leads to transformation of the sugars to fats in the liver.

After 40 minutes
The caffeine which is present in the drink is fully absorbed by the body after 40 minutes. The blood flow increases and the liver releases more sugar into the blood. Your brain starts blocking the receptors for the hormone named adenosine, which does not allow you to feel tired.

After 45 minutes
The secretion of dopamine increases which makes you feel significantly better and this effect is similar to that of the heroine.
After 50minutes
The magnesium, phosphoric acid, calcium and zinc lead to digestion of the food. This is related to the high amounts of sugars and artificial sweeteners which furthermore limit the calcium secretion through urine.
After 60 minutes
The effect of the caffeine begins and all of the mineral including magnesium, calcium and zinc deposit on bones and then secrete through urine.

After more than an hour
The distribution of the sugar is now in final phase. You are full of energy but expect rapid changes in mood. All of the water and nutrients together with the carbonated drinks are secreted from the body and they are all needed for the body to function. In the end, the risk for diabetes is increased.

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