This Popular Drink Destroys Your Liver! Do You Drink It?

You can rely on meditation, reading, and listening to music to help you work through even the densest of mental fogs. However, there are a few of them which are negative and unhealthy that have a grip on the consumers.

Mary Allwood from England and a mother of 3 experienced this. Her vice is Red Bull. She had a very busy schedule which left her feel worn out very often when she discovering Red Bull. She started drinking just one or two cans a day, but then her tolerance quickly grew, thus she had to drink more and more to achieve the same push. She was eventually drinking 20 cans a day. This resulted in wearing 24 size, from 16. In November, 2015, she was rushed to the hospital due to severe liver pain.

The MRI scan showed that her liver was two times bigger than the normal size. The doctors believed she was an alcoholic. However, she never drank. After a thorough investigation, the doctors concluded that the high sugar content in those energy drinks caused fat build up in her liver. There were also 2 fibrous lamps with one having the size of a grape and the other big as satsuma.

She quit Red Bull and swapped it for 6.5 liters of water daily. The withdrawal symptoms included mood swings and shakes, but she eventually worked her way back down to a healthy size.

She says that she needed it and did not care that Red Bull was doing a great damage to her. This was like her heroin and would feel awful if she didn’t have it. She is worried about the thought that everyone can go in the store and buy it. She believes that it needs to be treated as alcohol and cigarettes.

You may not be drinking so many cans of Red Bull daily, but think about other foods and drinks you consume throughout the day. Dried fruit, granola bars, tomato sauce, salad dressing, canned soup, yogurt, and many more tack onto your daily sugar intake. Even though alcohol damages the liver, sugar is another cause of it. It has the same mechanism, depositing fat to the liver. Sugar boosts “benign” tumors and cancerous tumors. Moreover, they pose diabetes and obesity risks that come with other complications.

There are so many natural ways to boost your energy.

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