Twin sisters reveal the secret to long life on their 100th birthday

Friends and family gathered around for a traditional Sunday roast to celebrate a huge milestone for a pair of twins known affectionately as Rene and Phil. The celebration centered around the twins as friends and family were gathered for their one-hundredth birthday together.

Sharing a lot

The pair, Irene Crump and Phyllis Jones, who are very close, have celebrated all of their important birthdays together, including their ninetieth and ninety-ninth. They attended the same school and shared their first job at Steatite Porcelain Products before Irene married farmer Samuel Crump. Even though they look incredibly similar, they are not identical twins but are just exceptionally close. The pair even shares each other’s first name as a middle name.

A hundred years old

They are born on November 20, 1916, with Irene being the younger of the two, they now live in Stourport, Worcester. She added that “We’ve always been close and we live together now, Phyllis moved in with me five years ago.” (2)

In good shape

They are both in good shape for a pair of a hundred-year-olds, but Irene says’s she can’t walk very far now, but Phyllis continues to walk around the block every day. Irene added that she’s always been the ‘plumper’ of the pair, being a farmer’s wife, she wasn’t thin like Phyllis.

Unfortunately, Phyllis has developed vascular dementia, a disease caused by reduced blood supply to the brain due to diseased blood vessels (4). So her son Carl and his wife stop by nearly every day.

A Special Birthday Gift

The only thing they wanted for their birthday was donations to the air ambulance. Irene said “We didn’t want presents, we just wanted donations. We haven’t got all the money in yet but we think we’ve done pretty well, it’s a cause close to our heart.” (2)

What’s their secret?

But what’s the secret behind their success? How did they manage to live to a hundred unscathed by so many things? Well, as Irene puts it “Hard work and good food is our secret, that’s all I can put it down to.”(2) So there you have it, the right attitude and eating have helped them become one of six sets of centenarian twins in the UK.

Living independently

Longevity seems to run in their family as their older sister passed away in 2006 at the age of 92. And both of their husbands lived into their nineties with Samuel (Irene’s husband) dying in 1999 and Phyllis’ husband dying aged 91, in 2006. And even though Irene never had children, Phyllis’ son Carl, who is now retired, comes by almost daily to check on them. He say’s “They live independently and they’re doing great, and if there’s an emergency they’ll ring me.” (2)

Evidently, they get along, but according to Carl, “They get on well, but they do have their moments – but that’s going to happen whether they’re 100 or 20!” (2)


Even though Irene and Phyllis are really close, Carl commented on how different they are. Saying “they’re totally different though-Auntie Rene has always been very methodical and careful, but mum always races around doing things.” (2)

Happy Birthday, Irene and Phyllis, and thankyou for your example! 

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