Use Just 1 Lemon Peel to Remove Inflammation and Chronic Aches

The lemon trees are thought to be oldest trees on the planet offering a lot of healthy things. Almost everyone has heard of the famous lemon juice in hot water on empty stomach, right?

Why do we need lemons in a diet?

These fruits have a lot to offer; vitamins A, C, B1, B6, calcium, magnesium, potassium pectin, phosphorus, and pectin. These protect your immune system like a shield and consuming a lemon daily, improves your body overall, especially the belly, gut, liver, and immunity.

This fruit is in the family of acidic food items. The effect is alkaline due to the low sugar level and high alkaline level of minerals like potassium, а, and magnesium.

If the lemons are completely ingested and soaked in the bloodstream, the alkaline effect takes place and the pH of tissues is altered.

In addition, the peel of lemon is antiseptic so it can help with a cold or fever.

Lemon for joint pain and curing it

This is not familiar to a lot, lemons aid in hurting joints. The peel has a lot of useful oils in it and it acts anti-inflammatory, healthy for the nerves and joints.

Here below are two ways of using the lemon for pain and inflammation.

  1. Grate a lemon for its peel, only up to the yellow layer of the peel, not the white. Apply this peel on the area desired and put a bandage to secure it in place. Sit like that for 2 hours.
  2. Get an empty big jar and place lemon skins inside, at least 2. Add virgin olive oil, close tightly and let it sit for that 14 days. Before you sleep, put a bit of this oil on the problematic body part and put gauze or bandage over it. Remove this first thing when you wake up.
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