What happens after consuming ginger for a month?

Lately ginger has been very popular in articles about diets, healthy regimes and benefits of consuming it. It is mostly commonly used in Asian cuisine and Indian too, but it is also used for the most part about health benefits and resolving health complications. And, for hundreds of years too!

People have used this ingredient mainly for reducing pain and swellings, nauseous symptoms or digestive problems. Every part of this incredible plant is excellent and brings its own benefits; however the best part of it is the stem placed underground while growing, and this is called the rhizome. The root of ginger can be consumed raw and fresh, or dried up, or in powder shape mixed with regular food and drinks, and even as juice or oil supplement. Maybe you are not sure why you should include this in your dietary plan but if you keep on reading you might reconsider.

  1. Goodbye to digestion problems

The ginger has a structure called phenolic and it enables irritation to be reduced or removed, especially the one in the GI tract (gastro-tract). All of this produces more bile in the organism and saliva too, so with these fluids in the body every piece of food or drink moves properly and is digested better.

Scientists claimed that of 24 healthy people incorporated 1,2 grams ginger in their diet (powder shape), and consumed it before taking a meal – the results were no more indigestion.

  1. No more nausea with ginger

If you drink ginger tea or maybe chew it raw with no sugar or sweeteners it will reduce the nausea if you have it. This is really important for those who undergo chemotherapy or sickness in the morning. There was an analysis conducted by scientists where 1200 pregnant women took 1 to 1,5 grams ginger daily and they showed less nausea symptoms.

  1. Lowering pain levels

On the University of Georgia, scientist conducted a study research about taking ginger supplement daily – the muscle tremors and aching was lowered by 25%! Women who suffer from PMS pain will certainly gain from this herb in easing up those pains. If taken regularly, the muscles will get used to being stronger and less prone to aching.

  1. No inflammation

Osteoarthritis is a common problem many people experience these days. It is a disease that leads to deteriorating the joints through the whole body. Those who suffer from this feel excruciating pain and stiff joints all around. In a research were involved 250 people who suffer from this disease, focused mainly on the knees, and those that ate ginger said they feel less pain if not at all after a prolongued time of this ingredient in their daily meals. It certainly worked better than the painkillers.

  1. Less chances of heart problems

Another study involved people who had type 2 diabetes. With just 2 grams ginger powder daily, the blood sugar levels were reduced quickly, and after 3 months the risk was lowered by 10%. Heart diseases are triggered mostly by irregular sugar levels in the blood. So ginger affects this too in a positive way of course.

  1. Less bad cholesterol

Yet again, another study! It lasted whole 45 days with 90 participants that had bad cholesterol in high levels; they took 3 grams of ginger powder every day and of course they reduced the bad cholesterol levels. The scientists that organized this study are firmly sure that this herb lowers the chances or worsening this condition and even prevent heart diseases linked to the cholesterol.

  1. Anti-cancer influence

In the ginger there is a thing called 6-gingerol. It Is a substance. Exactly this substance was included in few studies about researching alternative cures for cancer. Maybe it is just a theory unproven but one proof is certain – 2 grams ginger daily lowered the molecules that cause inflammation in the organism, precisely located around the colon.

  1. Improving cognitive functioning

What speeds up aging is the inflammation that is chronic and also the oxidative stress; not just aging but increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s and similar diseases. It was studied that the ginger has some bioactive components that block out the inflammation from happening in the brains of humans.

60 female participants were gathered, between ages 40-60 and were given ginger extract. Their memory was better which means this affects the brain positively.

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