With 2 Bananas Daily For A Whole Month, This Happens To The Body

The bananas are the best food in the world so they give the body a lot of nutrients. So is basically a super food.

It has nutrients, vitamins, minerals and natural sugar (fructose and sucrose) and many fibers. It is just like an apple, even way better!

Nutrition facts of bananas

Per one banana, 100 g, raw

Calories per serving-89

Calories from fat-0

Total fat-0

Saturated fat-0

Trans fat-0

Cholesterol-0 mg

Sodium 1mg

Carbs-23 g

Fibers-3 g

Sugar-12 g

Protein-1 g

Vitamin A- 1%

Calcium- 1%

Vitamin C-15%


By statistics, the banana is most consumed in US among fruits, more than oranges and apples and similar. We buy them when they are green more than yellow before they get quickly the brownish tint. People like the green ones more, but the ripe bananas are healthier because they have more TNF.

What is exactly TNF?

The riper the banana – the more TNF. This compound ingredient fights cancer and cancer cells in the body.

It makes a good link between immune system cells and their responses. Also it makes cell move easier toward inflamed areas.

A recent study showed how bananas with a lot of TNF stop tumor from growing or spreading. Also, this makes the tumor cells die off fast. Plus, this fruit has a bunch antioxidants.

They aid in stronger immunity creation and boost up the white blood cells. If you see brown bananas next time in the store – buy THEM instead greener ones.

Other good sides of eating bananas

  1. Blood pressure/heartburn- they have low sodium, but a lot of potassium, so they are great for keeping the heart health good.
  2. Energy- because of the vitamins, carbs and minerals they quickly replenish strength. Eat them before or after workout. *The potassium prevents cramps.
  3. Anemia- for anemia, you need iron in the organism. This makes hemoglobin higher and red cells higher in count.
  4. Ulcers- for stomach ulcers, you have to avoid a lot of foods. But, not bananas! They soothe the belly, they are creamy, soft and good for the lining. They make stomach protection from many acids.
  5. Depression- bananas have tryptophan that is helping overcome depression. This compound in the body goes in and changes to serotonin, a happiness neurotransmitter. Eat banana and feel better!
  6. Constipation- this fruit improves bowels and digestion
  7. PMS/nerves-stress is known to all of us. But, the content of vitamin B in bananas relaxes the nervous system.
  8. Good body temperature- this fruit maintains basal temperature; during summer or fevers, grab banana!
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