You`ve Been Washing Your Hair Wrong Your Whole Life. This Is How You Should Do It!

If you want to have the perfect and shiny hair and be able to style it in many ways you must not follow all the ads and recommendations as you may end up disappointed and at loss. You will need to find your own solution on how to have the perfect hair. We advise you to follow these steps and avoid some mistakes that you normally do.

  • Drying your hair with a towel can lead to fizziness and this also leads to damage. Use another method to do this by using a T-shirt or blotting your hair.
  • Using a good quantity of a shampoo or conditioner is not a very good idea. A bit is good enough.
  • Hair loss and weak hair may be due to a lot of scrubbing. Thus, be mild and do not ruin your hair.
  • When we are in a hurry we tend to not wash our hair properly. The most important area is the root, thus apply the conditioner on the strands to the tip to keep your hair moisture.
  • According to the ads, shampoos need to be used in order to make your hair soft. However, the shampoos ruin and damage your hair more. The chemicals in it will make your hair dry and lead to hair loss. You don’t want that, just skip it and use water only, making your hair healthier.
  • The technique that involved rinse and repeat is not the best option. If you do a second round it will strip your hair from the moisture it has. You may do this only if the need is high. Otherwise you will create an issue for yourself.
  • Hot shower, a massage, and a good sleep is what we need after a tough day. It sounds good, but is very bad for your hair. Hot shower will damage it. For this reason, replace the hot shower with lukewarm water.
  • After using a conditioner, people do not allow it settle, and instead wash it off. Take the time for yourself, instead, and detangle the strands. You will see the smoothness like never before.
  • Most of the people condition the hair after they wash it. But they do not realize that this is not OK. Conditioning wet hair is a bi NO as it does not affect the way it should.
  • Finally, use cold water to wash your hair. You will see the results.
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